Settling In In India

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  1. Kendall Lister Says:

    The views look stunning! No wonder you’re exhausted, after a 30 hour journey and then moving hotel after settling in – you’d better rest before your classes start! Please keep posting photos – the scenery is beautiful, but I want to see more of the town and people.

  2. Felix Says:

    Well, now that you have mentioned it Pei, it does look more like a Hawk than an eagle. Haha…Glad you arrived safely. Have fun.

  3. peipei Says:

    Ok, got it, town and people. I will get right at it tomorrow!!!!! 🙂

  4. peipei Says:

    Aiya, wrong again? Hawk and eagle – surely are about the same,hahahahaha. Ok, I will try to take more pictures and maybe you can verify it.

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