Lizard again

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  1. Felix Says:


    What you have here is an Iguana (probably a green Iguana). Don’t worry, they are herbivorous. 🙂 If they jump at you means they like you…haha…

    “Cicak” are common house geckos. Different species. There ia another variety which you may want to avoid. Monitor lizards. Bigger, no spiky dewlaps along its spines. Monitor lizards usually carry some form of venom to kill small victims. Won’t kill you but may cause a nasty infection.

    Btw, nice pics. Your photos are enviously stupendous these days. 🙂

  2. Kendall Lister Says:

    Ah, thanks Felix, we’ve been wondering exactly we should call our visitor. I found an entry for the small house lizards on the Bahasa Malaysia Wikipedia:, but then I was interested to see that the Bahasa Indonesia WIkipedia says that the name comes from the noise the lizards make: “cak cak cak” ( I’ve never heard them make a noise, have you?

  3. Felix Says:


    Yes, I have and I think most Malaysians have heard the cicak making its noise. I have very little idea why they do so. I can only assume it is either territorial or perhaps a mating ritual. It is quite rare to hear them nowadays. I am not sure why. I do noticed that only long time resident lizards make the calls. Perhaps they feel more at home and brave enough to give away their whereabouts.

    Did you know that cicaks are cannibalistic?

  4. peipei Says:


    Thanks for clearing up the confusions. This little creature was puzzling me with its apparent eyelids and lack of grip. I’ve tried to look up the differences between the lizards and geckos and will put it into the post so as I don’t confuse anyone else. 🙂

  5. Felix Says:


    No worries and thanks. I was just along enjoying the pics and decided to share. Cheers.

  6. Kendall Lister Says:

    The only noises I’ve heard from the house lizards is people screaming when the lizard falls on their head while they’re in the bathroom or toilet!

  7. Allyson Says:

    nice capture pei pei ^_^

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