Malaysians are more than used to having to share their houses with the “cicak” (chi chuck) or lizards/geckos. In fact you are probably only a true Malaysian once you have had a lizard inadvertently fall on you!!!! They fall with a thud, and most of the time just scurry away, but sometimes perhaps panicked themselves, they freeze and you are left wondering what that was until you realise screaming that there is a lizard on you, by which time the lizard would have recovered enough to scurry away.

Yesterday, I found an altogether different type of gecko lizard just outside the kitchen. It was about a foot long and sunbathing. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get any photos worth anything because it was sitting in very hot very harsh sun. I was surprised in some of the photos there were still quite a lot of details captured.


Looking quite menacing


Quite snake like up close

The common house lizards have very good grips because half the time they are crawling about their business upside down on the ceiling. This one though seemed to be having some trouble with the round railings.


Notice the two colours?


Rather dinosaur like in this photo

I wonder if they are losing their habitats and that is why this one was seen in outside kitchen.

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  1. Allyson

    this is definately an iguana pei pei, people buy them with high price as a pet thou…you are lucky to have one for free ^_^

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