Mcleod Ganj

Here are some more photos. This one is my porter with my suitcase strapped onto his back, going up our first flight of stairs leading from the hostel.

One step at a time and watch where you step, best avoid the dung 🙂

There is much construction going on in Mcleod Ganj which I am sure contributes to its dustiness. But as you can see, things are very manual or in this case assy. I will try to get some photos with Indian women with piles of bricks on their heads, quite a sight.

Working the asses off!

This is main square, roads lead from here. Porters seem to hang around here, so do beggars, had someone asked if I wanted my shoe shine this morning (I wonder how you would shine a pair of hiking shoes). The man at the front of the picture with a strap on him I think is a porter, because I was told to look for men with ropes when I needed one, a porter I mean. The shop on the left was where I had lunch today (wasn’t my first choice but most restaurants were closed today).

Main square

There I had my first Indian meal and it was really good! Will definitely go back, provided I don’t fall sick from it, we’ll see.

Mixed vegetables, capati and hot lemon

About 50m from Main Square is a small temple. I have read so many dos and dont’s before this trip I am not very sure how to behave anymore. There was a monk in the temple, and I wasn’t sure if I should be making eye contact and least of all smile. But I guess you do what you are used to, I smiled and nodded to him and he did the same back, so I guess it is ok. hmmmm you are not meant to touch them I suppose was the don’t.

Prayer Wheels

I went to the Dalai Lama temple, there was a big group of people chanting. I am not sure if it is a usual event or not. Earlier, while I had breakfast I saw a big group of people advocating Free Tibet marching through town, and I think they congregated at the temple. The chanting finished and people started leaving, and I left together with them. This is a picture as we were walking out.

Cow and human in happy existence

The view was magnificent, the sun was high and the mountains were in sight.

Seen from the entrance to the Dalai Lama Temple

And a close up

Close up of the mountain

Here is another of the mountains, sorry I am just captivated by them, but this one is a different peak.

I want to see mountains again, mountains, Gandalf

Last is a picture of my room, I think the pink is rather garish but what can you do. There is a kitchenette, as you can see a bed, through the door is the bathroom and there is also a little desk and chair. Very basic, the floor is cement but the bathroom is tiled and I have hot water. I went through cleaning everything so that I will be comfortable. I was wondering yesterday where I could get a mop for the floor and at dinner I realised where. Well, I was at the restaurant of perhaps the biggest backpacker hostel in town. There was an Indian man sweeping the floor, going rather slowly part by part because there were many patrons. Then after a while I was wondering why he was squatted down for such a long time at my table, I looked and then I realised what he was doing. He was mopping the floor!!! with a rag!!!! Hah – there is no need to look for a mop, I don’t think they use mops. I have not wiped the floor  with a rag in what must be 30 years now.  Yesterday I managed to buy a rag and today I wiped my floor. So, I have cleaned my room.

My room

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