Winter greys, under wraps and braving it

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  1. Chen Chen Says:

    Such beautiful photos of you, I wonder who took them?? 🙂
    It’s so good to see the sun today.

  2. Felix Says:


    Nice photos. 🙂

    It seems a bit odd to get condensation inside your window panes. I can’t remember that happening at all. You may want to find out what is causing the additional moisture.

  3. peipei Says:

    What sort of thing should I be looking? I didn’t even take a photo of the pools of water on the bottom of the frame!

  4. Felix Says:


    I think some ventilation may help in your case. Yeah, I know the cold but water ponding at the bottom isn’t good. What you’d want to avoid is mildew or moulds growing inside your apartment. Not too good for health and photographic equipment.

    Try this,$file/Condensation%20on%20Windows.pdf

  5. peipei Says:

    Thanks for the link. I am usually reluctant to open windows and lose the precious heat! hahaha

  6. Lee Low Says:

    Even though it is cold, must still “air” the place by keeping a window open, if possible, all the time. If not, at the “warmest” part of the cold day ie late morning to mid afternoon….

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