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RunMelbourne 2012

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

It was a year to the day last Sunday, when I joined my first run at last year’s Seremban Half Marathon. My aim last year was to be able to complete the 10km event. This year I signed up for RunMelbourne 2012 also held last Sunday, for the 5km run/walk event. While my sister in-law who was the one who got me running in the first place, has gone on and ran her first marathon, it looks like I may have regressed going from the 10km to 5km event. The difference was (barring unforeseen circumstances), I knew was going to be able to finish it, and that must be some kind of improvement.

A few days before the race, Chen and I collected our race kits which contained our bibs, shoe tags and some other instructions. On the way there to Birrarung Marr, the organisers were already getting ready for the event. The big “Finish” sign was already up. We knew what we would be running towards!

the finish line


collecting our race kits


I can’t seem to get the pose in the following photo right, the ‘simulated running pose’. Perhaps all the yoga training is working against me. As I look at the difference between Chen’s and my photo, I realise that I lift my leg too high, and I just look odd. I thought I would include the photo anyway as it is so odd. hahahaha

fooling around


Here are some photos from before the race. Don’t let the apparent sunshine fool you. It was COLD!!!!! Had I been the only one in our little group who had signed up for the event, I most likely would not have gone and just stayed curled up in bed. So far, in all the races that I have ran, which numbers only  4, I have been very amazed with the energy of all the people there. I have found that is rather a different experience running amongst a group of people towards the same finish line to running alone. I find that the collective energy very uplifting and motivating. This was my first run in Melbourne, I am not sure if it is often like it was or if RunMelbourne was just a special run with its 26,000 participants this year, there were small bands playing music along the route as a cheer for the runners and that was very effective.

before the race, near the starting line

our little group, by the starting line


People ran for different charity causes and were dressed in a variety of interesting costumes. But most interesting I thought were there two young men running about 3 or 4 paces in front of me as I came to about 200m to the finishing line. They were dressed only in pink briefs and pink caps. They were rather a good motivation for a strong finish, as I was curious what they looked like from the front. Unfortunately for me, they kept their lead and I never got a frontal look. 🙂 I did find a photo of them from the RunMelbourne website!

my motivators

after the race with our medals


I had wondered what 2012 would bring in terms of running. Well so far, until last Sunday, no races. But it has all changed!!!! yea!!! I finished a 5km run with a personal best. I shall not embarrass myself and state my time, but only that I am advanced enough in years to know that even little accomplishments need to be celebrated! So celebrate we did, after the race, we each ate a BIG BREAKFAST. 🙂 It felt like I earned it after the measly 281 calories that my Run Keeper app tells me I burnt. hahahahaha