Tribute to my car

This was not my first car, not my most expensive or fancy car, it was not the easiest to drive car that I have had, it was not even new when bought but it had something over all the other cars; I personally bought the car (with some help from my aunt who, like me, equally didn’t know the first thing about buying cars). Paid cash for it too! It was a 6 year old 1.3L manual 2 door Ford Festiva, I might add, it did not even have power steering.

I had a great journey with my car. It took me, my friends and my family to many places! I even managed to fit 5 adults with 2 suitcases once, when I picked up my parents and sister from the airport.

My first excursion with my car, to St Kilda

Next, a trip to the Dandenongs

There was a lot of eating in the car. hehehehe.  Men, they  like to forbid us from eating in the car, but this was a woman’s car, so I ate. Oh, but it didn’t have any soft toys, pillows or any cute little things, so it was a man’s car in that sense.

Eating, even while driving!

A yummy sandwich, prepared and eaten in the car, while looking at some beautiful scenery

At the Dandenongs, near Silvan Dam

Pouring over a map, tearing my hair out - which way do I go?

On a trip to Woods End, through some unpaved roads

Took us to look at sunsets, this was near Lake Corangamite

It waited patiently while I took my photos, this was at the Grampians

One of the final photos of my car, kind of befitting that I was pointing to it, also taken at the Grampians

Nothing much ever went wrong with the car. The only crucial thing that did go wrong was – it got hit by another car. Nobody was injured, but the car being as old as it was (by then, I think 13 years) would cost the insurance company more to repair than to pay me off. So, that was the demise of my car. I really enjoyed the ride with my car. I am hoping my next car takes me on just as many wonderful journeys.

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