Phnom Penh

Over Hari Raya this year (Sept 2011), Kendall and I spent a few lazy days in Phnom Penh. We didn’t do much of anything there except read (I read 3 books, not sure how many Kendall read), watch dvds (a whole 7 episode BBC mini-series), eat, dip in the pool and sleep. So, not much of anything touristy at all. Didn’t even buy a single souvenir.

Attached to our hotel, The 240, is a restaurant that serves western organic food. I assume the breakfast they served us was organic too.

Breakfast at Hotel 240, fancy organic breakfast. The grass deco is real!

We did walk from our hotel to the Mekong River, along side  the wall of the Grand Palace, though we didn’t go in. We walked along the river where there were many cafes catering to western tourists. Prices were western prices too, USD7 for two drinks and one small plate of spring rolls. Weather was as hot as in Malaysia.

By the Mekong River

One tourist destination we did visit was the Wat Phnom.

Wat Phnom

Stupa behind Wat Phnom

The local tuk-tuks and motorbikes fill the roads

Traditional looking building opposite the Cambodia Vietnam Friendship Monument Park

On the then still very private balcony of our hotel room (there is a tall building coming up opposite)

On the whole it was a very relaxing stay, perhaps not the usual tourist experience, but I would say, we enjoyed ourselves in Phnom Penh.

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