Made it to Canberra!

We finally rolled into Canberra at about 9pm in the night. We didn’t do much at all the following day. Just the usual stuff you would do in a city. Had coffee, breakfast, walked around in a mall, had lunch and so on. In the evening we did head out to the lake. Erm I don’t know the name of the lake, hehehehe, I’ll look it up. But the weather turned, it got very windy and threatened to rain, so we hurried back. I did catch a few photos of sulphur crested cockatoos.

Sulphur crested cockatoo

The next day we took a drive – out of Canberra!!!!! We headed towards the Snowy Mountains, NSW. First stop – coffee again, from a pub in Cooma. Our next stop was at Lake Eucumbene (pronounced you-come-been according to Wikipedia). We had lunch at the town of Adaminaby which was very quiet; shouldn’t be surprising I suppose, since it apparently only has a population of 234.

Here I am, addressing my loyal subjects again, this time at Lake Eucumbene

Lake Eucumbene

One of the many dandelions along the road to Lake Eucumbene

Before long, it was time to head back to Canberra, along the way we stopped for a short hike along the Shanahans Mountain walking tracks. As it was getting late, we didn’t have enough time to finish the entire walk, we gave ourselves a half an hour and had to be content with what we covered. The area had evidently been burnt not so long ago.

Walking tracks of Mount Shanahans at Nagambi National Park

From a lookout point, Nagambi National Park

After the lookout point, it was all aboard for Canberra. Except, we had to make an unscheduled stop. Erm, we met an unfortunate accident. Rather more unfortunate for the wallaby that we hit, than us. We were all fine. The wallaby looked alright too. But it was sitting stunned in a ditch, next to the road, where it had be thrown from the impact. With some difficulty Kendall and our friend helped it out of the ditch, but…. in the process Kendall got bitten by it. Just a scratch really, but it broke skin. As we were out of cell phone coverage, we couldn’t call anyone to help the wallaby. After helping it out of the ditch, we had to ditch it.

As soon as we got back to Canberra, we managed to call someone. But we were told, unless there was someone accompanying the animal, they would not go out to it, because chances are that it was either dead or have hopped away. I am not sure what to report. It looked stunned, but as far as we could tell, fine, with no evidence of broken bones.

The next day was spent with us looking for a clinic for Kendall to visit. We thought, it would be wise for him to get a tetanus jab. After many long hours of wait, he got his jab, but the doctor said, if the animal was infected, he would be dead already!!!!! So in the unlikely event of being bitten by a wallaby – get a tetanus injection straight away.

We didn’t do much in terms of sight seeing in Canberra except for a visit to the Parliament House (from the outside).

Parliament House, Canberra. The cloud looks like a nuclear mushroom cloud!

Our drive back from Canberra was slow and easy as well. Though, we didn’t seem to find as many interesting places to visit. We did make a stop at the Old Goulburn River Bridge. Used for over a hundred years, the bridge was one of Victoria’s most important river crossings until 1966. The bridged is now closed to all traffic, since it was recently burnt.

The Old Goulburn River Bridge

Old Goulburn River Bridge

Gum tree? I am not sure, but a very big impressive tree by the bridge.

It was a very enjoyable trip, taking it easy was a real plus. We were lucky to have had good weather too.

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