Sun, Sea, Sand and a Serious tan.

We just got back from Krabi, Thailand and I got such a tan!!! Now, that may sound like I am bragging, but being asian, we don’t like tans. Krabi turned out to be so pretty that even getting really tanned was worth it.

Ahhhhh clear aquamarine waters

Ah such crystal clear blue green waters. I thought they only existed on brochures and are exclusively for the rich and famous. Krabi was a very pleasant surprise indeed. Not that I didn’t know there would be beaches, I had not realised that such pristine waters still existed for normal people.  Well, I may have mislead you a little there. The photo above is at a beach where you can only get to by boat. And the one below is the beach where our hotel was. hehehehehehe, yes, stark difference!

Rocky beach by our hotel

We stayed at the little town of Ao Namao, where, I think the most significant shop was their 7/11. It has a jetty which was very convenient to catch long tail boat rides to the beautiful beaches.

Long tail boats

Above and below are some long tail boats moored near the jetty which was about a 5 minute walk from our hotel. Depending on the tides, you may need to get a little bit wet wading out to it or from it.

More long tails

You may not want a ride in this one

Moored by Railay beach

Breakfast at the hotel, you can see the jetty behind us

Pranang Cave beach

We joined a tour which took us island hopping. First stop was Pranang Cave Beach, which was on the mainland but only accessible by boat. The tour got us there quite early, at about 9.30am, before the hordes of tourists had arrived. We found out the next day, when we visited again, that it is a very busy beach later in the day.

Rock climbing

Kendall and I could only watch in awe at the people who were rock climbing.

Walking between the islands

The tour guide said that there are 10 days (5 days before and 5 days after the full moon)  in a month where the water is just shallow enough you can walk between the islands of Kai (Chicken) and Tub. We were there on the 6th day before the full moon, which meant the water would be a deeper but he reckoned we would be fine.

The throngs of people walking between the islands

My feet in the clear waters

Me with long sleeves, hat, and tons of sunscreen, taking the photos of my feet, like the one above

Captivated by the fish

Would you believe it that there were fish swimming around me!!!! It was simply amazing. I only had to be ankle deep in the water and there were fish swimming around me. They were like ikan bilis. But once I was about waist deep, they get bigger and much more colourful.

At the touristy stretch of beach at Ao Nang


To sum it up, it was a tropical paradise. If you have not been, GO. If you have, GO AGAIN. Lastly, don’t forget your sunscreen.

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