Melaka was hot hot hot!!!!!!  It was almost unbearable in the afternoon, so we really only left the hotel close to sunset. Which works out well, if you want to take photos – less crowd and better light. If only there wasn’t a small fire burning some leaves and grass nearby…..(maybe just sour grapes, coz none of the photos turned out great).

View from where the statue stands

From inside St Paul's church

At the roundabout by the Stadhyus building, trishaws, lit up like christmas trees!

The clock tower, Christ Church and well - the porch of the Stadhyus.

Armed with a tripod we went walking around the old town, in the night. There were some rather well maintained old buildings.




Looks like a well maintained old building


This is looking up at breakfast at one of the many courtyards at Hotel Puri

It was an enjoyable short trip, some interesting places to visit & photograph and food was pretty good. If there is one thing I would advise anyone visiting Melaka, it would be – dont forget your sunscreen.



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