The Grampians, first attempts

I had a few things up my sleeves I wanted to try on this trip and was very glad I managed to have a go at some.

Guess what this one is?
It’s a wattle, Australia’s national flower, though I apologize that you cant really see what it looks like here. But it is yellow!

I managed to have a go at star trails, not something you can do in the city. After a few botched attempts where the shots turned out, out of focus, too bright, not bright enough, I thought – ok, I now know what to set my camera at. I went back out again to set up my camera (I was going in and out of the cottage to check the shots and to wait) And…………there were no more stars in the sky!!!!!! This is one that I maybe managed to salvage.

Here is one where you zoom as you take the shot. Run for your live, there’s something out there!!!

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