Looking down on Seremban

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  1. Felix Says:

    Pei Pei, if you remember Bukit Kaya. Had you climbed up to the small piece of land where Mr. Chor was staying and just left of where you used to stay briefly, you may have had similar views of the hills surrounding our Seremban. Seremban 2 was just a big piece of shrub infested land being cleared for surveying. Keep the good pictures coming. 🙂 Cheers.

  2. peipei Says:

    Hi, I don’t recognize your email address. Who is this? Did you mean where I used to stay in Bukit Kaya? Boy, that was a long time ago!

  3. Felix Says:

    Sorry. My apologies. Where’s my manners?

    It’s Chaw Ann. I go by Felix nowadays after years of identity crisis. Har…. yes, a long time ago. I used to cycle past your house often. When I visit Chong Ming, on and off. And also when I am up there to take a breather from being too cramped up at home. Hmmm…maybe I took too many breathers.

    I never knew you were into photography. I like some of your shots and I think you’re very good. Definitely pictures taken from the heart.

  4. peipei Says:

    Ah, Chaw Ann, ok Felix from now. How are have you been? Gosh it has been such a long while, hahahaha – I dare not count the years!

    It would have been good if I had joined you on your cycling breathers. At least (hmmm should I admit it here?), well, at least I may have learnt how to cycle! Yes, I can’t. I’m still harbouring some small hope in being able to learn.

    Photography didn’t start until a few years ago. When cameras started getting digital and affordable, I got a point and shoot. But very quickly discovered there are things that I wanted to try that it just couldn’t do. And finally got an dslr. And it has been a lot of fun. Sorting, editing and displaying the photos take a lot of time though. Thanks for the praises. Are you into photography as well?

  5. Felix Says:

    Pei, do it. Just get on a bike and learn. Make sure someone is beside you to guide you initially. Dare I suggest trainer wheels? Haha…. Here’s something I found out recently. Did you know that the world’s best trainer bikes for kids are not only without the extra trainer wheels, they are actually without pedals as well. It promotes kids to pedal with their legs which also keeps the bike upright. Apparently, they learn to cruise with their legs up in the air very quickly. Because it’s fun! 🙂 Give it a try!

    I do take photographs too. I started digital photography pretty much the same time as you I think. Before that I took on film but the learning curve was very slow. Made a lot of mistakes and they were all very costly lessons. I love taking pictures of children and prefer human subjects over others at the moment. I always love a good candid portrait. I don’t get to travel too much so landscape photography is pretty limited. Also the same reason I enjoy looking at yours. You are very good and I love your point of views. It says something about who you are.

    Had we gone cycling together, we would have changed the past and perhaps our future too. Who knows…..One thing for sure, you’d definitely know how to cycle now. 🙂

  6. Wan Kong Yew Says:

    Hi, not sure if this blog is still being actively maintained. But I just moved into Seremban 2 and I’d like to get some exact directions on where exactly this hill is. We’re still new here and don’t know much about the local area and there doesn’t seem to be any better directions elsewhere on the web either. So, a bit of help please?

  7. peipei Says:

    Hi, You are right, the site is not actively maintained. 🙂 Welcome to Seremban! Hmmmmm about directions, let’s see if you understand this. If you were to come from Oakland/Tesco/Columbia Hospital at the traffic lights (where you can turn right to go to Seremban town -do not turn right), go straight going under the overpass, perhaps about a half a km you will find some houses and a guard house on the left. This was where we parked and proceeded to climb the hill which you will find on your left. However, a note, coming down the hill via the way we did may not be advisable/doable because at the base of it there area housing developments with areas fenced, perhaps you can climb back down via the way you go up. I hope this makes sense.

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