A little bit of Christmas

I recently got Kendall a camera that can be used underwater for his birthday, the Panasonic Lumix TS3. Well, actually it is as much for me as it is for him, hahahahha, but don’t tell him that. We are hoping to return to Krabi, and maybe take some underwater pictures.

Here are the first few shots, as is, from the camera (with only cropping applied to some) of the making of a Christmas Pudding.

Lots of citrus peel

Mixed fruits

There was a special request for more cherries and citrus peel and less sultanas and raisins.

Creaming butter and sugar

Butter and drastically reduced brown sugar.


The flour, with special “Wella” weighing scale.

Under wraps now and ready for 3 and half hours of steaming!

In the steamer

Ah, the little slice of Christmas that came early this year. I am told it tastes nice, I don’t eat Christmas pudding myself. The original recipe is from here, although mine was quite heavily adapted to individual tastes.

Christmas pudding

Have not tried the camera in water yet. Still tentative, hahaha somehow it feels so unnatural to put a camera into water. Not to mention that the instructions manual came with an endless lists of what not to do !!!!!

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