3 under the belt!!!

Before I begin, let me just say a big thank you to my sister in-law, for she is the instigator of this. 2011 is drawing to a close, and I am really glad that I can say that I did something unexpected of myself this year. I have, to date, finished three 10km races. Not something that I had ever thought I could do. Of course my times are mediocre at best, I walked and I jogged, I huffed and I puffed but I got the the finish line!

First up was Seremban Half Marathon, where mum is part of the organising committee and I have helped for years too. I used to think, hmmm wouldn’t it be nice to be able to run but have never given it any serious consideration for I was never very fit nor active (that is not to say I am now). But sis-in-law, who is a veteran runner, with lots of half marathons under her belt (I think she is going to do a full marathon soon). She was talking us (Chen, Kendall & I) into running the 10km event because we had been doing some jogging as exercise. We had been doing perhaps 2-3km, so 10km was still a big leap. And we really needed a lot of convincing, all the way up to the morning of the run. All of us we in disbelief even after finishing the run. So, sis-in-law said, the only way to counter that, is to go for another run!!!!!

Ah, me in action, notice how the feet are hardly off the ground? not even real jogging!

The group of us, after the run, dirty but happy

We did another run at the Siemens Run in KL. It wasn’t any easier, but finished it we did! So, we were elated again.

This time, looking a little bit more like running


The team, after the run, being silly

After the Siemens Run, we were a little more optimistic that we could actually run!!! And we registered for 2 more runs. Both races being on the same day, thinking that we will decide when the time comes which to run. What we did was, go to one run, wearing the jersey of the other run, people kept asking if we at the wrong place! hahahaha We didn’t keep up our training, and nearly didn’t go for the run, and of course, sis-in-law had to step in and convince us to go. I’m glad she did, for all three of us finished the run again. Although this run, the Desa Park City run was a hard one, with a very demotivating uphill stretch (that was said to go on for 600m) in the middle of the race. Urghh!!!

All smiles, meters from the finishing line!

Dirty but happy yet again

Well, that is the three under the belt, so far. Not sure if I will be able to keep it up for I don’t even really like running. But finishing the event, is a good feeling, quite addictive actually. I wonder what 2012 holds in terms of running.

My thanks to the photographers (run2chuah, chuahsakura &eng tiong) of my in-action shots and sis-in-law for scouring the internet to find those photos, after the event.

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  1. Gianinna

    How strong you are pei pei!…. I’d like to do my first step but I hate running… maybe bcze I’m not good on that 🙁
    BRAVO Chica!

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