Water falls……………pools, sprays, splashes

I have been trying to rationalise my library of photos to reduce its ever increasing size. In going through the photos I realised that I have visited a quite few waterfalls. I have also found that these waterfalls, regardless where they are, all look very similar. Yes, I know, the water falls…….I suppose if you were an expert, you could tell where the falls are by the geological features or perhaps vegetation. But to me, their locations could be interchangeable.


Here is McKenzie’s Fall, The Grampians, in winter.


McKenzie's Falls, The Grampians.

And this is Silverband Falls, also at The Grampians in winter.


Silverband Falls, The Grampians.


At the base of Silverband Falls, The Grampians

This next one is Wannon Falls, this time in summer when the water was just a mere trickle.


Wannon Falls

Woolshed Falls, also in summer.


Woolshed Falls



Me, by the Woolshed Falls

New Zealand

This is Devil’s Punch Bowl in the Arthur’s Pass area, in winter. It was a rainy day and really really cold.


The Devil's Punch Bowl, South Island

The Raukawa Falls is very wide, about 50m, and 15m tall.


Raukawa Falls, North Island


I think of all the waterfalls, I found the Wachirathan waterfalls at the Doi Inthanon National Park in Chiang Mai the most impressive. The spray was so strong we got quite wet and I couldn’t get a frontal shot. There was another photographer there trying, equipped with tripod etc but most importantly a towel which she kept using to wipe her lens.


Wachirathan waterfalls


The massive spray at the base of the Wachirathan waterfalls


Mae Klang waterfalls


Last but not least is one I visited in Malaysia on the way from Seremban to Jelebu: Jeram Toi (jeram means rapids in Malay). It was quite impressive and had 4 major falls. Walking towards the waters, the temperature must have dropped at least 10 degrees. Makes for a good spot to visit in the heat, as many of the people enjoying the falls must have thought too.


Jeram Toi


cool waters at Jeram Toi

I have found that waterfalls are very difficult to photograph. It is usually just so dark but if you aim high where the water starts to fall and get a bit of sky, wow then it just gets blown out. Hmmm maybe I need a graduated filter. Ah hah, shopping time!!!! 🙂

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  1. Sandy

    OMG…All the waterfalls…I think I only saw one when I was in Guangzhou and it was a very small one as well.

  2. Allyson

    wow beautiful ^_^

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