Weekend in Sydney

Kendall and I recently spent a weekend in Sydney, here are some photos that I have finally managed to put together. It was a very relaxing weekend. We didn’t actually do much, just walked around the city leisurely. Made our way to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Opera House, and by the time we reached The Rocks – they were already clearing up the stalls (see what I mean about leisurely walk) The weather was fantastic. Bright sun with light wind to keep you cool. Just the sort of weather that you would burn in if you are not careful and not know!! I must have topped up my sunscreen 4 times at least!!! Funnily enough different parts of Sydney, reminded me of different places, namely Singapore with the wide sidewalks, Hong Kong and its harbour, the shops in New Zealand and even the pasar malam in Malaysia! The friday night that I arrived, we went to Chinatown which had some sort of night market, lots of stuff we being sold. They had “bak – kwa”, fish balls, lots of meat on sticks, longan drinks, just like home.

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