Palatable shots

Here’s what you do when you end up being home on cold winter days. Then you tell yourself that that pair of jeans was tight when you bought it!

Oh, if you have not tried baking bread – you must – it is heavenly when loaf comes out of the oven. I had no idea it was so easy. Here’s the link to the recipe that I used: easy bread on YouTube.

5 responses to “Palatable shots”

  1. tk

    there is this rather interesting trend in china nowadays… people wear really tight clothing pieces…

    I’ve came to a super conclusive thesis (after studying them in the wild) that they bought their clothing to fit just right (snug) and eventually keep them on for several years & stuff their faces non stop so that they can grow fuller into their clothes. eventually it molds into the shape of their body and becomes a part of their skin…

    that’s the only way they can get into tight clothes.

    anyone care to cite this thesis?

  2. tk

    it’s rare to find obese people in china. occasionally, i’m the idiot that usually spots them from a million mile away. just like driving, i’m the one that usually meet the ‘road challenged’ mofos. variety of good and fatty food is certainly catching up here and that could lead to an obese nation… maybe… i should start saving to start a restaurant and on the other side, start a gym or even start a ‘loser’ reality show soon…

  3. tk

    i was right on China starting to gain size… hmmm… i’m in the wrong line, i should be some oracle and start predicting things and make billions!

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