In the fortnight leading up to our trip, the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, the volcano in Iceland had caused thousands of flight cancellations and closure of Heathrow and many other airports throughout Europe. We were anxious, not sure if we had to cancel or at least postpone. Not really sure if we could postpone, since Chen’s trip was a sponsored one and Kendall’s and mine were tickets redeemed with frequent flyer points. But the flights finally resumed, we relaxed a little. Who’d have known – new standards of volcanic ash tolerance for planes was the answer!

Anyway, we found ourselves in London! Kendall from Melbourne, Chen from Italy (from her sponsored trip) and me from Seremban via Singapore (because the ticket was redeemed and Qantas doesn’t operate out of KLIA). On the first night, we were so tired, we were asleep before the sun went down. Worked out quite well actually – no jet lag after that .

We spent the whole of the following day walking around London. We walked to the usual tourist spots as you can see in the photos. The weather wasn’t great, it was spring and we had hoped that it was going to be warmer and sunnier. We had some sun in the morning when we started off but the rest of the day was typical London weather I assume, grey and bitterly cold. We walked till I couldn’t walk anymore, so much I insisted that we take the tube back to the hotel at the end of the day.

The following day would see us on the Eurostar to Europe!

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