Honeymoon Bay

The following day, having spent two nights in Coles Bay, we were scheduled to head off to Hobart and that only allowed us a further half a day in Coles Bay. We wanted  to go back to the Freycinet National Park to some places that had interesting names. We were pleased to find out that the park entry pass we bought the day before was valid for 24 hours, that meant we could enter for free today! Enroute we drove through the town of Coles Bay which turned out to be a handful of shops and a nice parking area looking out to the sea.


clear waters at Coles Bay

We headed for Honeymoon Bay upon entering the National Park. The name sounded too good to miss. Honeymoon Bay turned out to be really beautiful. Clear aquamarine waters, sun shining, waves lapping – truly a place to energise the spirit.


Honeymoon Bay

We could have easily spent the whole day there! but there was only one down side, it was really quite cold. Well, when I say cold, it was about 17C and strong sea breeze blowing.  We have accustomed ourselves to travelling with a thermos of coffee, so out came the coffee and this time we had chocolates too! Ahhhhhhh yum.


Honeymoon Bay

A short drive away was Cape Tourville Lighthouse. It had a 20 minutes circuit walk to the lighthouse and back. On a clear day that it was the view was stunning. Lost in our photography, we no doubt took longer than the 20 minutes.


Cape Tourville Lighthouse

Being up high is really uplifting!


Cape Tourville Lighthouse circuit

After a short morning in the National Park it was onward bound to Hobart. I geared up for another uncomfortable ride in the passenger seat of our rented car. This time well padded up to give me as much lift as possible.

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