Do you remember the last time you were on a swing?


The Swing from Pei Pei on Vimeo.

I love a good swing (hahahaha I mean the playground sort). I suspect I must have since I was a child (need to confirm with mum and dad about it). I have very vivid memories of dad pushing me on a swing at the Lake Gardens playground in Seremban. I had started to write this entry before I recalled some old photographs of me on a swing. I dug them out. I had thought that they were taken at a playground near my cousin’s house in Port Dickson (there was a cool swing there too). But after a closer look, I realised to my delight that they were taken at the very playground in Lake Gardens I was reminiscing about. These ones seem to have been taken on the kiddie swing, I remember that there was another much bigger swing on the far side of the playground (Anyone remember it? or have photos?). I was perhaps too young back when these photos were taken to be on the big swing, but that was the one I remember dad pushing me on.


A kiddie me on a swing!

Another one on a swing!

Not on a swing, I know, but you can tell from the background that it was taken at the Lake Gardens.

There was a swing in Port Dickson Yacht Club that I used to love and swung till perhaps I was 18. A real big swing, I remember instead of sitting, I used to stand on it.  I wonder if I have any photos of that, must go digging. I wonder if it is still there. I wonder how long swings lasts. hahaha so many things to wonder about just about swings.

I think like most people, I lost touch with being on a swing once I grew up. I am glad I rediscovered the swing when I first got to Melbourne some years ago. There are more playgrounds here and the swings here mean business – they look like the can handle an adult’s weight. And ever since then I take a swing whenever I can, even if it means fighting a kid for it!!!!  hahaha, no no, really I have never fought a child for a swing. In fact, I try to go at opportune times – when the kiddies are less likely to be there. I can then swing to my heart’s content!

Being a child again!

I think being on a swing is one of those things that as an adult one can still do with reckless abandonment and that is why I love it. Not to mention it is a good exercise too. Not only do you need to kick yourself higher thereby exercising those legs, hang on for dear life with the arms, it is a great work out for the abs as you try to edge yourself higher.

wind in my hair

Coming back to my question, if you cannot remember the last time you were on a swing – perhaps it is time to get on one. Though please make sure it is sturdy enough to hold your weight. hahahaha god forbid anyone ending up with a broken arm because they took my urging and got on a swing and swung the swing off. Next time you take your daughter/son/niece/nephew/cousin to the playground, perhaps instead of pushing them on the swing, get on it with them/after them/before them. Happy swinging and work those abs!!!!!!

4 responses to “Do you remember the last time you were on a swing?”

  1. Chen Chen

    It’s great fun to be on the swing again! yeah! I remember Port Dickson Yacht Club’s swings. I like the one with the wooden seat. Hmm…. I don’t remember if we have any photos though. Love those old photos of you. So cute!!

  2. Allyson

    Oh Pei Pei, it’s lovely ^_^

  3. Kendall Lister

    You make it look so fun that I don’t want to be the one holding the camera next time!

  4. Sandy

    Kendall, next time get a tripod and set the camera on timer 😉 Nice photos though!

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