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Looking down on Seremban

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

I remember from school that Seremban is a valley (there is every possiblity that I am remembering wrongly) , so that stands to reason that there would be hills around it. Although I have never thought of Seremban as being surrounded by hills. Driving back from KL one day, dad asked if we would like to “climb” that hill, pointing to one that is beside the KL-Seremban highway, where at the foot of it is Bukit Kepayang. He and his hash buddies go often.

Up we went

So, up we went the following day. There are 3 ways to go up. one is a paved road, an easy climb route and a challenging one. We took the challenging one,  the climb took only about 20 minutes, although it was quite steep at some places and we did work up quite a sweat.

We were rewarded with some pretty interesting views. I don’t think I have looked down on Seremban before, there is something amazing about being up high. The photos above were towards Seremban 2 area (westwards I guess, since that is the setting sun)

This one is looking the otherway (let us say, eastwards), towards Taman Permai, Bukit Kaya and beyond. From the photos, it does look like there are hills on the peripherals, so maybe I did pay attention at school after all.

At the top of the hill stands two Hindu temples.

A statue of a deity behing grilled frame

What look like colourful cloths draped around a tree

Some prayers at the other temple

It was close to being dark when we left, and we walked down the paved road. The walk down  took longer than the climb up.