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When it shines – it sometimes sparkles!

Friday, August 31st, 2012

I know I have been quite uncharitable when it comes to talking about weather in Melbourne. I spoke to a lady from the UK  yesterday, who is new in town, she thought this winter was a breeze. Hmmmm I guess it just shows that everything is relative.

We are officially one day from Spring!!!!!! Yippie – sunshine (or the promise of sunshine).We are seeing more sunshine lately and flowers are coming into bloom. I was out for a walk around Albert Park lake yesterday – weather wasn’t too good – very blowy, but after the walk I saw many cherry blossom trees now starting to bloom, very pretty.

I have some pictures taken in glorious sunshine. I admit not the best time to take photos, but when you are sun deprived, who cares. These next two were taken, as you can see, on a sunny afternoon. We got takeaway fish and chips and ate by the beach with lots of seagulls as spectators. Actually the seagulls were eyeing our food, but no one, not even seagulls are coming between me and my chips. 🙂

Sparkles! at Port Melbourne

Strutting down my sandway at Port Melbourne

This next one was a rare sunny afternoon earlier in winter. We had not planned to go out, but the sun was just so bright, we had to. The walk along the Yarra was lovely, so lovely that I managed to take my coat off, hahahahaha very rare indeed.

Earlier in winter, next to the Yarra at South Wharf

This last week has been birthday celebrations week. Chen’s then mine, then our chinese birthdays. On the morning of my birthday we went running. Kind of an odd thing to do, but we thought we would get the exercise bit out of the way and that way we can enjoy the rest of the day. It worked out quite well, all except for the running part which nearly killed me. I have stopped for some weeks and running, it turns out, is not something that you can stop and still expect the same efficiency or even remotely similar efficiency. But the flowers were great!!!!!

Diving into my bed of flowers

My birthday lunch was fantastic! Almost too thick to bite into.

chomp chomp chomp

I think when you are deprived of something and then you get it, it turns you a little bit silly. This is me being silly on an afternoon that turned out to be sunny for 2 hours. Among other things we were doing while walking to have dim sum was take photos of shadows. Since I was wearing baggy pants – my shadows turned out quite fat!!! So I am not including them, just other silly shots.

Trying to be a ballerina

More silly

Chen had observed that good weather is always forecast to be 2 days away. Come two days time, it would have been changed and good weather will still be 2 days away. Well… I am hoping now that it will be spring, this will no longer hold true. Forecast for coming Sunday is looking promising, I am looking forward to a long walk at Warrandyte State Park, fingers crossed.